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Top quality forage the easy way

Craig Hage from Tanunda, SA, making hay with HayKing. Photo: Supplied.

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Craig Hage from Tununda, SA, likes BioStart's HayKing because, "It gives consistent results on the end product compared to my previous inoculant and it is easy to use. There is no stuffing around mixing batches and can be tipped straight into the tank on the baler."

Making life easier is a big part of BioStart's ethos.

"Farmers have a lot on their plate, so our products must be easy to use and consistently deliver high quality forage. That means maintaining the metabolizable energy in the fodder crop, so that it can feed the maximum number of livestock" says BioStart CEO, Jerome Demmer.

Nick Smyth is BioStart's Forage Preservatives Sales Manager. He explains what makes Hayking and SilageKing easy to use.

"One of the things customers like about the BioStart forage preservative products is that they can take a break for a couple of days without having to throw away the rest of the product. That means no wastage and you can also work out the amount of forage you have made from your in-cab monitor. On top of that, because there are no live bacteria in these preservatives, the products are stable at room temperature, can be easily stored and are used straight from the drum," said Mr Smyth.

Silage making with SilageKing ensures forage retains high levels of metabolizable energy. Photo: Supplied.

Jerome Demmer explains how their forage preservatives work.

"HayKing reduces the growth of the yeasts and moulds that use up feed energy, heat bales and produce mycotoxins. It allows hay to be baled at a higher moisture content, extending the baling window. HayKing is suitable for domestic and export hay (nil withholding), is safe and compatible with bale steamers and doesn't corrode machinery. SilageKing works by stimulating the natural ensiling bacteria that live on fodder while inhibiting spoilage moulds and yeasts."

BioStart HayKing

The BioStart forage preservative range has been used in Australia for over ten years.

For more information on HayKing and SilageKing contact Nick on 1800 359 559 or visit

This is branded content for BioStart.