Add snow to Angus and instant black and white snaps!

Australia's highest Angus stud herd enjoys 'Blizzard of Oz'


Monaro fields turn white after snow sweeps across lower ranges


 Out of Cooma, at Kunuma Angus Stud the Lynchs are busy getting some extra hay into their Angus herd after a 30cm dump of snow.

Dean Lynch, who is also Snowy-Monaro Regional Council administrator, has been busy with his dad Keith, 92, and son Mitch keeping feed up to his Angus cattle after the big snow dump.

It’s brought happy faces to the Lynchs, knowing the slow melt from the snowfall will make a perfect situation for pastures coming into spring. Kunuma is on the Snowy Mountains Highway about 30km west of Cooma.

And it’s the same all over many parts of the ranges in the Monaro where the snow has fallen in what some weather boffins have called the ‘Blizzard of Oz’, with a massive snowfall also at the ski resorts. Thredbo has recorded 80cm of new snow since Sunday.

Kunuma is the highest Angus stud in Australia at about 4000 feet (1200m).


The snow came in from the west with good coverage on the higher ranges, but not quite making it to the plains country. Cooma is abuzz with business with the ski season ramping up to high and the Snowy 2.0 scheme bringing scores of engineers and workers. Accommodation is at a premium in Cooma and also Adaminaby, close to the expected site of the Snowy 2.0 scheme, a large 27km tunnel from Tantangara to Talbingo.


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