Contributions recognised

Wool industry contributions recognised


Australian Wool Industry Medals were awarded for the first time.


The inaugural Australian Wool Industry Medals were presented at the Australian Wool Industries Secretariat Wool Week dinner in Melbourne last Thursday night.

The recipients (in alphabetical order) are:

Nan Allison, Administration Services

Nan Allison was presented the medal for her Administration Services, including 53 years service as a senior wool administrator forAustralia’s largest wool warehousing and logistics business, AWH.

David Michell, who presented the awards said Ms Allison’s services went above and beyond the regular duties of her position. He said she was highly regarded and respected administrator for diligence and accuracy, and instrumental in influencing many of the work processes for data capture operators at a systems level and work place training level.

Robert Carter, Education/Training

Robert Carter was presented the medal in recognition for services in the area of Education and Training in Western Australia both as a trainer and a mentor to students.

The award also recognised his contribution to the development and transition of the shearing industry in WA, as a member of the WA Shearing Competition Association (including working as a judge and organiser) and an executive member of the WASIA.

Rod Franklyn, Exporting

Rod Franklyn is an exporter with extensive wool industry experience commencing in the early 1960s. He is the owner of the largest privately owned Australian family exporting company, Techwool Trading.

The award recognised for his mentoring of many current wool industry personnel who have started their own successful businesses and continue to maintain strong business relationships with Techwool.

Mr Franklyn was instrumental in opening and developing China as a major importer and processor of Australian wool.

Athol Frederick, Brokering/Extension Services

Athold Frederick recognised for his extensive career and influence as a wool broker of over 50 years.

Mr Frederick is recognised for his strong role as an advocate for community innovation and initiatives, including developing grower workshops with TAFE to address the difficulties of the day.

In the same year he initiated the first Woolclassers Forum which continue to successfully run today.

In 2000 (with the support of AWTA, ASBA, Landmark) initiated and was actively involved in developing the Australian Fleece Competition, which has become Australia’s largest fleece competition.

Sally Martin Education/Extension Services

Former DPI Sheep & Livestock Officer servicing the South West slopes of NSW, Sally Martin has been actively involved in the Peter Westblade Wether Trials and the PWSC (Scholarship) Committee. She is founding director and chief executive offiver of MerinoLink Board – including Lifetime Merino ProductivityProject. Her contributions to the industry were previously recognised in being runner up in 2011 RIRDC Rural Women’s Award.

Wal Merriman, Production/Industry Services

Wal Merriman has been chairman of Australian Wool Innovation since 2008 and director since 2004.

The renowned sheep breeder continued to be a great supporter of sheep shows and multivendor ram sales.

He is chair and committee member of the NSW Stud Merino Breeders Association also the ASMBA, and was made a ASMBA life member in 2010.

Dr Peter Morgan, Industry Services

For more than 50 years, Dr Peter Morgan has made incredible service to agriculture and more specifically to the wool industry. His currently has executive director roles with ACWEP and PTWMA. He is an ASWGA (Life Member), and member of WIEDPUG. He is a former senior executive with the AWTA. He is actively involved with the implementation of objective measurement of rams, presale testing and sale by sample.

He is a passionate contributor to FAWO, China Australia Greasy Wool Working Group.

Geoff Power, Industry Services

The former president and director of WoolProducers, who actively involved in former SAFF and current Livestock SA. Geoff Power is an active member of Flinders Merino Group, Wild Dog Advisory Board, South Australian Sheep Advisory Group.

Robert Ryan OAM, Brokering/Industry Services

For extensive services as a wool broker, Robert Ryan was awarded a medal. The managing director of Australian Wool & Pastoral Pty Ltd and in recognition of his contribution to industry at both state and nationally. He is current president FAWO, chair of the FAWO EAD Committee, chair of the China Australia Joint Working Group for Greasy Wool, president RAS NSW (and councillor since 1996).

Mr Ryan is the Australian representative IWTO Heads of Delegations Committee.

Barry Walker OAM, Administration/Industry Services

Life Member and Former President of ASWGA, Barry Walker is a former board member of AWC, AWTA, Wool Council of Australia and former chairman of both the Woolmark Company/Graziers Investment Company (during the collapse of the Reserve Price Scheme).

Mr Walker formed the Network Investment Company, established to co-invest with Italian Processors to form AWN Limited.

David Ward OAM, Testing/Industry Services

David Ward’s contributions to the wool industry include being a former director and managing director of AWTA 1966-2001, former managing director of NZWTA 1988-1992, former delegate to IWTO participating and chairing technical and commercial committees.

He was also a member of the IWTO Raw Wool group which developed the international wool testing standards, regulations and associated trading clauses for the IWTO "Blue Book”. Mr Ward is secretary of the IWTO Commercial Regulations & Contracts Committee, and was instrumental in establishing and former Chairman of the AWTA Ltd Wool Education Trust, former chairman of the Federation of Australian Wool Organisations (formerly known as Australian National Committee of IWTO).

In the celebration of what has been a great year for wool, the wool broker of the year was also awarded. You can read about the winner here.

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