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A THOUSAND WORDS: Sometimes it is more beneficial to let a picture tell the story for you.

A THOUSAND WORDS: Sometimes it is more beneficial to let a picture tell the story for you.


Rushing social media may feel current, but these posts can be detrimental to your brand. Take time to make sure you share the message you want for your audience.


Because social media can be so immediate, there is a tendency for many of us to hastily post and publish everything we see, think, eat, feel that very instant.

But really, what’s the rush?

Every photo and caption you put out there forms part of your story and represents you and your brand.

It can be great to capture a moment in time and share it with your followers, but generally it is better to really think about what you want to say, how your audience will feel, and to check for spelling mistakes.

Sometimes when particularly challenged or peeved, it is easy to just blurt it all out on social media.

Please don’t. It’s never good to tweet or post in the heat of the moment!

Here are 10 tips for writing and editing great social media captions:

  • Just write as you just talk. Really think ‘what am I trying to say’. For example, if you want to sell more wine, think to yourself, why would somebody want to buy my wine, what makes it special? Just start to write and keep it simple. 
  • Cut back on the adjectives. Writing is about clarity so just say what you want to say without getting too flowery.
  • Write what you know. Stick to your area of expertise, interest or passion.
  • Show, don’t tell. “Don’t tell your audience that you have the best apples on the planet - just tell your story. Tell why you grow that variety, how long you’ve been growing them, how they taste to you. The audience haven’t been to your orchard, it’s your job to tell them about it.” – Barbara Sweeney, Food writer.
  • Ask and you shall receive. One sure-fire way to boost engagement is to include a call to action in your posts. Asking people a question is a great way to boost engagement. Ask your audience for feedback, advice, recommendations etc. You’ll see your engagement really improve.
  • Step away then come back. Sometimes the words just don’t come to you. If you are hitting a wall, just walk away and come back, sleep on it then re-read what you’ve written and tweak it.
  • If you really don’t have the words - it’s totally OK to just let your image do the talking. Or let someone else speak for you. Post a quote by someone you admire and respect.
  • Keep it short and sweet.
  • Avoid cliches, gimmicks and don’t let emojis talk for you.
  • When writing sales posts, “Sell the problem you solve - not the product," – Simon Sinek. So before you post anything 'sales-related' think - what problem does my audience have and how can I help solve it.

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