It’s time to speak up about OJD

Time to have your say on OJD


NSW Farmers' is urging all sheep producers to have their say on Ovine Johne’s Disease (OJD). Fill out the survey now.


If you run sheep, it’s time to have your say about the future of Ovine Johne’s Disease (OJD) management in Australia.

WoolProducers Australia and Sheep Producers Australia are seeking feedback from the sheep and wool industry on the future management of OJD, with the 2013-2018 National Ovine Johne’s Disease Management Plan due to finish this year.

The plan aims to minimise the risk of infection from OJD bacteria spreading to properties and regions, and to reduce the financial impact and adverse animal health and welfare effects of the disease on individual flocks, and on the sheep industry as a whole.

The current plan was prepared by WoolProducers and Sheep Producers after consultation with industry in 2012-13. It is underpinned by tools that help minimise OJD risk, including the Sheep Health Declaration, the Gudair vaccination, abattoir monitoring, and regional biosecurity plans.

A decision on the future of the plan can only be made following consultation with all stakeholders.

That’s why it’s important that sheep producers take the time to consider how effective the current plan has been, and to consider how we can do better in managing OJD.

There are currently two options for the future of the plan. A revised national framework for OJD could be developed, based on the current plan and incorporating stakeholder feedback.

Otherwise, industry could decide not to replace the current plan, but continue the use of tools for managing OJD.

The future of OJD management from a national perspective will be determined based on the feedback from stakeholders during this consultation.

For more information on both reviews and to take the producer surveys, visit

- NSW Farmers’ wool committee chair Andrew Wood


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