Massive roo mob stuns outback traveller

Hundreds of roos on move captured in mesmerising video


Watch paddock that jumps: roos on move in southern Queensland


This large mob of roos was captured by Di Watson, who runs the website FarmStay Australia during her travels late last year at Mungallala, near Roma in southern Queensland. This farm was hopping!

Farmstay’s Di Watson told The Land how she was gobsmacked when she saw this paddock of about 1000 roos in her travels. Take it away Di:

“So I was travelling on my yearly trip promoting my website, ( an online directory with properties Australia wide to promotes tourism to farmers, that offer accommodation & camping).

“I stopped at Mungallala in Outback Queensland to camp for a night or two and was shocked by the barren landscape, the hundreds of roos in paddocks, the hundreds of roos on the move all day while towing my offroad caravan, dodging dead and live roos from 12 noon. It was unbelievable the road kill in my August September 2017 trip, worse than any of the last 5 years in drought!

“Charles the CEO of Buy a Bale/ Rural Aid called to check in on myself and how the countryside looked, and I said worse than ever.

“Buy a Bale had a double semi of hay coming to Mungallala on the Friday to Bruce & Marie Stinson’s property, I stayed to photograph the day.


“Bruce unloaded it in prep for the farmers in the area that had registered via Buy a Bale for 6-8 large bales each, dependent on how many are registered.

“Farmers came and went all of Saturday with Bruce offering his time and machinery to load all the vehicles.

“The property is 15,000 acres, split into 7-8 paddocks & all have water so there are roos everywhere, but the “video” was taken on the Sunday mid morning, in the 700 acre Spelling Paddock.

“I believe I saw well over 1000 roos just in that paddock alone.”


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