Angus steers to $1286 at Glen Innes weaner sale

Queensland buyers lift bids at Glen Innes Premier weaner sale

Best presented Angus steers came from Sally and Gordon Wollen, “Buckendor” Red Range, and were sold to Queensland for 317c/kg.

Best presented Angus steers came from Sally and Gordon Wollen, “Buckendor” Red Range, and were sold to Queensland for 317c/kg.


Glen Innes has enjoyed one of the best seasons in the state and the quality of weaner calves on offer was excellent. Fortunately prices matched that quality with Queensland buyers among the top bidders.


Weaned Angus steers at Glen Innes sold to $1286 and heifers to $933 last Friday when local buyers had to compete strongly against Queensland demand.

The annual Colin Say premier weaner sale yarded just under 3700 head with 2500 steers averaging 337c/kg at 278kg to make $936.

Heifers, 1100 yarded, averaged 270c/kg at 255kg to make $690.

Sam and Erica Ulrick, “Springfield”, East Guyra, sold the top steers, weaned and European Union accredited, 388kg at 331c/kg making $1286 and going to the Landenberger family, Ben Lomand, who will grow them out to bullocks.

Their second pen sold to 362c/kg and also stayed local going to the Hindmarsh family who appreciated the weaning program.

Champion steers were awarded to Rob and Cathy Wheatley, Deepwater, who offloaded most of the cattle from their block “Kildare”, recently sold, selling 181 steers, six to eight months old, to average 341c/kg topping at 336kg to make $1145.

Best presented Angus steers came from Gordon and Sally Wollen, “Buckendor” Red Range, getting 317c/kg and sold over the border.

James Gresham, Glen Elgin, sold early weaned Angus steers from Mundoo bulls 226kg for 334c/kg to make $756.

Mr Gresham said next year he might sell them straight off their mothers as the small premium did not make up for the loss of appearance.

Malcolm Sutton, Deepwater, sold Angus steers straight off their mothers 298kg at 320c/kg to make $935 and sold heifers 286kg at 266c/kg to bring $760.

The few black baldy calves in the same pen reduced his overall price but their extra weight made up part of the difference.

Black Angus heifers  topped at $933 with Ed Moorehead, Ben Lomand, purchasing 172 head with the best being put to Wagyu bulls.

The Wheatley family sold 159 heifers to average 281c/kg and topping at 312c/kg at 300kg to make $933 going to Mr Moorehead.

Robert Schroder, Emmaville, was awarded best cross-bred heifers selling Charolais/Hereford for an average 275c/kg at 300kg to make $825 going to Woolworths.

Tony Pearce, Top-X Taroom, bought 140 head out of Glen Innes averaging 250kg for 315c/kg, with the cattle going to backgrounding and bullocks in the Taroom and Roma districts. 

Kevin Flack, Casino Livestock Enterprises, bought 500 steers and heifers, many for West Talgai feedlot at Allora, averaging 316c/kg for 270kg saying prices for quality steers were comparable with recent sales with best heifers on par while tail enders sold to a softer market.

Another 500 steers, averaging 266kg, went to Dalby, Queensland through Kell and Company at 335c/kg.


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