Macquarie Merino Lifetime Productivity field day | Photos

Macquarie Merino Lifetime Productivity Project field day


The Merino Lifetime Productivity (MLP) Project Macquarie site held its annual field day today at Trangie.


The Macquarie Merino Lifetime Productivity (MLP) Project Field Day was held by NSW Department of Primary Industries and the Macquarie Sire Evaluation Association today. 

Held at the Trangie Agricultural Research Centre, over 100 people attended the event including sire entrants, industry representatives, commercial producers, students and educators. 

The MLP is a partnership between Australian Wool Innovation (AWI) and the Australian Merino Sire Evaluation Association (AMSEA). 

Fifteen sires were represented, all who were selected for different reasons. Six link sires were included in the evaluation to provide links between years and sites so all the sire results can be combined into a separate report.

Key speakers included; program manager genetics, Geoff Lindon; Macquarie MLP site manager, Kathryn Egerton-Warburton, and Rabobank commodity analyst, Georgia Twomey. 


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