Changes give more choices for western lease vegetation management

Changes to code bring veg management flexibility


Native vegetation laws have changed the way farmers can manage their properties to help increase productivity


New native vegetation laws have changed the way farmers can manage their properties to help increase productivity.

Western Local Land Services has a comprehensive overview on its website of the changes to native veg laws and what is allowed and not allowed on Western leasehold and freehold properties.

Also, the laws were changed several months ago that allowed farmers to buy appropriate land to be converted to freehold. Any monies that may come from the sale is intended to stay within the region.

Under the LLS website it says that the “The Land Management (Native Vegetation) Code 2018 (the code) provides landholders with more choices to better manage native vegetation on their property. The code helps landholders to improve agricultural productivity and biodiversity outcomes across NSW.

“The code supports landholders undertaking productive and sustainable farming practices, while managing environmental risk. The code enables the following clearing on Category 2 - regulated land of Invasive Native Species - enables the removal of invasive native species that have reached unnatural densities and dominate an area. These activities are to promote the regeneration and regrowth of native vegetation. Pasture Expansion - enables the removal of woody native vegetation by uniform or mosaic thinning to promote native pastures and increase farm efficiency and productivity. Continuing use -  enables the continuation of lawful land management activities that had been in place between 1990 and the commencement of the new Land Management Framework.”


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