Gloucester yearling steers sell to $1200

Gloucester yearling steers sell to $1200


Most cows sold between $900 and $1175 at Gloucester store sale last Thursday.


ABOUT 450 mostly young cattle were offered for the Gloucester store sale last Thursday.

Yearling steers from Philip Ince, Stroud, and Roseleigh Holdings, The Monkerai, topped at $1200 to Brian Owens, Wingham. 

Weaner steers sold by Mark Butler, Stroud, topped at $1070 also to Brian Owens. 

Most weaner steers sold between $650 and $850 with lighter weaner steers selling between $370 and $580.

Pregnancy-tested-in-calf heifers sold by D Alston sold to top of $1200 to Dairy Livestock Services.

Yearling heifers topped at $970 with weaner heifer from Mark Butler, Stroud, topping at $850 for a pen of Angus heifers. 

Cross bred weaner heifers from Philip Ince, Stroud topped at $810 to Trevor Cleaver, Krambach, with most weaner heifers selling between $550 and $600, and their younger sisters selling between $300 and $480.

Cows with calves topped at $1425 for Devon cows from Kevin and Heather Burley, Mograni Creek to Gordon Weismantle, Wards River.  

Most cows sold between $900 and $1175.

Buyers attended from Walcha, Taree, Wauchope and local districts.


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