Merinos shine in Canberra

Merinos shine in Great Southern Supreme show at Canberra

Judging the March-shorn rams on the second day at Great Southern Supreme Merino in Canberra

Judging the March-shorn rams on the second day at Great Southern Supreme Merino in Canberra


Second day of 72nd Great Southern Supreme show in Canberra features March-shorn sheep and supreme exhibits


At the conclusion of the judging of the March-shorn sheep on the second day of the 72nd Great Southern Supreme Merino show in Canberra, Boorowa-based studs Tara Park and Merryville showed their depth by taking the supreme exhibit and group trophy respectively.

It was a March-shorn ewe bred by Guy Evans and successful through the medium/strong wool class which rose to great heights to claim supreme exhibit of the show over the August Poll Merino ram shown in the fine/medium wool class by Jonathon Dalla, Orrie Cowie, SA.

Guy Evans was presented with the Kevin ‘Dusty’ Coves Memorial Trophy by chief steward, Rick Power.

This was the fourth time a ewe has been awarded that accolade.

In the Roger Birtles Memorial for Group of Five sheep, March-shorn, four teams competed before the team from Merryville, led by Wal and George Merriman took the honours.

This was the seventh time Merryville has been successful in that premier event.

Brief summary of other results:

August-shorn group of five – Langdene, Dunedoo

Junior champion March-shorn ram – Merryville, Boorowa

Junior champion March-shorn ewe – Tara Park, Boorowa

Junior ewe of show and grand champion ewe of show – Tara Park

Grand champion ram of show – Demondrille

Junior champion overall- Poll Merino ram from Orrie Cowie, SA

Supreme Poll Merino exhibit – Orrie Cowie

Pairs – Thalaba first, Tara Park second, Merryville third

March shorn class results for Merinos:

Champion Superfine ram – Demondrille, Harden

Champion Superfine ewe – Conrayn, Berridale

Champion Fine ram – Merryville, Boorowa

Champion Fine ewe – Greenland, Bungarby

Champion Fine/medium ram – Hollow Mount, Bigga

Champion Fine/medium ewe – Tara Park

Champion Medium/strong ram – Towonga, Peak Hill

Champion Medium/strong ewe – Tara Park

Champion ram – Demondrille

Champion ram – Tara Park

Results for March-shorn Poll Merinos:

Champion superfine ram - Wurrook, Rokewood, Vic

Champion superfine ewe – Bocoble, Dunedoo

Champion fine ram – Merryville, Boorowa

Champion fine ewe – Merryville, Boorowa

Champion fine/medium ram – Greenland, Bungarby

Champion fine/medium ewe – Merryville, Boorowa

Champion medium/strong ram – Towonga

Champion medium/strong ewe – Belswick

Champion ram – Wurrook, Rokewood, Vic

Champion ewe – Merryville, Boorowa


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