Gromark Genetics disperse to great acclaim| Photos

Gromark Genetics disperse to great acclaim| Photos

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Joe Bargwanna, Kate and Paul Sevier and John Gerrard after the sale. Photos: Kate Sevier

Joe Bargwanna, Kate and Paul Sevier and John Gerrard after the sale. Photos: Kate Sevier


The ram sale and dispersal of Kate and Paul Sevier’s Yangoora Gromark Genetics stud at Young attracted a lot of interest


The ram sale and dispersal of Kate and Paul Sevier’s Yangoora Gromark Genetics stud at Young saw determined interest in the elite Poll Dorset-infused sheep from prime lamb producers joining first-cross or Merino ewes and those who breed a self-replacing maternal prime lamb enterprise.

“Paul and I were pleased that a large number of sheep were purchased locally and the number that sold on the day. It is a tough season for everyone,” she said.

“I was surprised that only two stud breeders purchased sheep at the dispersal when we have full pedigree and measurements for all significant traits in LAMBPLAN and so many in the top 10 per cent and 20 per cent and even top one per cent for the terminal dataset.

"I believe it is a significant industry oversight that exceptional stud animals resulting from careful scientific over 30 years for the prime lamb industry sold well below their value.”

The sale featured the offering of 104 July 2018 drop ram lambs which would normally have been auctioned in August with 73 selling to $900. 

All 320 stud ewes and ewe lambs sold to $300.

Longtime client Kyeran Steenbergen, from 'Gary's gourmet meats paddock to plate', Young, bought four rams to $550 and seven ewes at $125 each while Tim Lubke, Henty, bought two rams at $900 and $750.

"As we usually sell the rams at 13 months old Kyeran found it a little tricky chosing them at such a young age. However he was prepared to purchase two for the potential they had. He had confidence in what he would be getting and how they would turn out," Mrs Sevier said. 

"Pen 45 with 4 ram lambs was passed in but had an outstanding ram lamb 180306 that stood out and he asked to purchase him at the end of the sale."

Mr Steenbergen said he had all the attributes in the LAMBPLAN ASBV's for the traits that he wants, low birth weight , positive fat, good weaning weight and fertility with a Pemd of 3.8.

"He was visually and structurally an outstanding ram and I asked to purchase him for $500," he said.

“We like the fact that they are not seasonal breeders as we join twice a year. We purchase for traits such as growth eye muscle and fertility to give the best carcase results. There was a noticeable increase in size of the eye muscle by using Gromark Genetics rams which is beneficial for our most expensive lamb cuts.”

Scott Byrne, Wallendbeen, paid a $381 average for 13 ram lambs and Joe Bargwanna bought 23 ram lambs for $208 average.

Steve Parker, Mortake, paid $163 a head for his choice of 15 stud ewes. 

"They all had exceptional fertility, some with NLW of 21.3 percent in the top one percent Lambplan terminals where the Terminal average for NLW is three percent," Mrs Sevier said.

"He had researched the pedigree of the sheep on offer on the sheep genetics website prior to his visit."

Julie Brien from Greenthorpe attended the dispersal and she and Kate have a similar breeding philosophy. 

“I did not come to buy at all but when I saw fully performance recorded stud sheep with excellent breeding values for all the significant traits, I could not believe the incredibly low prices they were selling for," she said.

"I saw this as a great opportunity to acquire valuable sheep on the day for less than commercial prices."

She purchased 85 sheep which included 6 ram lambs, 1 stud sire and the rest were ewes. The average for all these stud sheep was $173.00. 

The sale was conducted by Gerrard and Partners, Young.


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