Propaganda won't improve animal welfare

Animal activists' welfare front a farce, as shown in bullying raids


Animal activists' true colours undermine their social licence in welfare space.


The belligerence of those involved in public protests this past week in the name of animal welfare is not only unnecessary, but these outbursts have also highlighted the level of propaganda these groups are peddling.

Their actions have seen them likened to terrorists, and lost them their social licence.

Footage from Queensland in particular showed an ignorance towards the animals, including the taking of sheep (for what purpose?) and contributing to a Warwick dairy farmer's cattle going through a fence.

They have sent a message that their actions are about bullying farmers, rather than achieving genuine outcomes for animal welfare.

These displays of bullying have got the general public shaking its head. The livestock in their footage of farm raids, meanwhile, have appeared well cared for.

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One panelist on the ABC's The Drum this week, Feyi Akindoyeni, a consultant with Newgate Australia whose clients include National Farmers Federation, was one of many who argued that in any other similar protest situation, this behaviour would have been shut down.

In fact, most protesters who trespass, damage property and cause civil disobedience are called to account, so why can this lot get away with a goat for a dollar?

Labor, meanwhile, is blaming the rise of activism on the live export trade, saying it is this industry's poor welfare compliance that has encouraged this behaviour. Labor wants to shut down live exports.

The live export industry has admitted to and is addressing welfare issues. But there is a missing link in Labor's logic.

Any agricultural pursuit that involves animals is on the radar of these activists, not just live exports. This is not about welfare, or live export.

It is about a group of people with extreme beliefs who are forcing their views on others. They are not considering the consequences, including their farm raids and how this might negatively effect the families and animals on those properties.

The wider community respects the rights of vegans - it is aggressive vegans who break the law and peddle mistruths with whom we take issue.

These people have used trespass and bullying to get their propaganda out into the public eye. But that is all it is - propaganda.

The general public can see through this, hence the trust people have with these activists is eroding.


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