Black Opal a shiny standout

Sydney Royal 2019: Black Opal a shiny standout during Simmental-Fleckvieh judging

Elite Black Opal with Simon Hale; Glen Waldron; Peter Klystra; Alastair Rayner; Shannon Lawlor; and Kim Groner holding the heifer.

Elite Black Opal with Simon Hale; Glen Waldron; Peter Klystra; Alastair Rayner; Shannon Lawlor; and Kim Groner holding the heifer.


A 13-month-old heifer from Elite Cattle Company has snatched the top prize during the judging of the Simmental-Fleckviehs at Sydney Royal Show.


It was her first "big show", but that didn't stop 13-month-old heifer Elite Black Opal P111 from catching the eye of the judge to claim the main prize in the Simmental-Fleckvieh ring.

The stylish black Simmental, exhibited by Glen Waldron and Kim Groner, Elite Cattle Company, Meandarra, Queensland, first claimed the junior ribbon, then blitzed the field to steal the grand female trophy from the senior female, Valley Creek Miss Morgan, exhibited by Stuart and Samantha Moeck, Valley Creek Simmentals, Bowral.

Up against the grand bull - VC Primus from Valley Creek Simmentals - Black Opal was still the best pick for judge Peter Klystra, Yanco.

Kim Groner said they were elated with the win. "This would have to be one of our most successful showings with the Simmentals and all the more significant based on the strength of the competition at Sydney Royal this year," she said.

Black Opal is no stranger to the show ring as she was shown as a calf on her dam, Elite Black Opal L107. Her sire, MRL Capone 130B, is also notable, a red Canadian bull who caught the eye of Mr Waldron and Ms Groner during a trip to Canada.

Ms Groner said the heifer would be retained in the herd. "We are impressed with her muscle pattern, mobility, growth for age and overall genetic potential," she said.

Reserve junior female also went to Elite Cattle Company with 18-month-old Elite Flirtin For Diamonds N113.

The junior and grand bull was picked up by VC Primus exhibited by Valley Creek.

Just over 10 months old, VC Primus was sold six weeks ago to Stuart and Jill Cameron, Inverleigh Simmentals, Invergordon, Victoria. Mr and Mrs Moeck retained the right to show the 608kg bull in Sydney and a 50pc semen share in the bull. They plan to use him with cows in the spring.

Mr Moeck said he was the first bull calf to be offered in Australia from Canadian polled bull, Anchor D Raptor 392C. Mr and Mrs Moeck bought five straws of Anchor D Raptor 392C semen at a charity auction in Canada. The grand bull was also from a prized show cow, Valley Creek Jewel, who was grand champion female at Melbourne as a heifer.

Valley Creek also took home reserve junior bull with VC Patterson. "It was a thrill to pick up the double in the junior bulls and something we have never done before," Mr Moeck said. "The fact that one was black and the other red was also pleasing. The reserve bull was also the first calf on the ground in Australia by his sire, Canadian bull IPV Tiger." VC Patterson was from one of their lead black donor cows, Circle Eight Miss Lucy K299.

While the juniors dominated the grand ribbons, senior female went to Valley Creek Miss Morgan exhibited by Valley Creek.

The cow was shown as a heifer, but only now has really begun to shine in the show ring. On her second calf, Miss Morgan was by black Canadian bull SVS Captain Morgan 11Z, which sold for $190,000 at the Sunny Valley Simmental sale, Canada.

Mr Moeck said he particularly liked the fat cover of the cow and its milking ability, both features the couple have been working hard to get right in their cattle. "We've also been paying close attention to structural soundness and that's another thing that we really like about this cow," he said.

The reserve senior female went to Settler Nicky exhibited by Richard Wilkinson.

Senior bull Elite Nitrous was a 1008kg sire shown by Elite Cattle Company. He scanned 10mm and 8mm on the rump and rib and had an EMA of 145sq cm. Ms Groner said the bull's first drop of calves were due at the end of the year. Reserve senior bull went to Springside Nash exhibited by Peter and Toni Rauchle, Pittsworth, Qld.


Judge: Peter Klystra, Progress Limousins, Yanco

No. of exhibits: 49

Junior champion bull: VC Primus (P) (ET) (AI), Stuart and Samantha Moeck

Reserve junior champion bull: VC Patterson (P) (ET) (AI) (B)

Junior champion female: Elite Black Opal P111 (P) (AI) (B), Elite Cattle Company

Reserve junior champion female: Elite Flirtin For Diamonds N113 (PP) (B), Elite Cattle Company

Senior champion bull: Elite Nitrous (PP) (ET) (AI) (B), Elite Cattle Company

Reserve senior champion bull: Springside Nash (P), Springside Simmentals

Senior champion female: Valley Creek Miss Morgan (P) (ET) (AI) (B), Stuart and Samantha Moeck

Reserve senior champion female: Settler Nicky (P) (ET) (AI), Richard Wilkinson

Grand champion bull: VC Primus (P) (ET) (AI), Stuart and Samantha Moeck

Grand champion female: Elite Black Opal P111 (P) (AI) (B), Elite Cattle Company

Best Exhibit: Elite Black Opal P111 (P) (AI) (B), Elite Cattle Company


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