PAWD tackles kangaroos, drought

PAWD tackles kangaroos, drought


DROUGHT, the Darling River and Menindie Lakes and kangaroo control remain three of the key issues for the Pastoralists Association of West Darling


DROUGHT, the Darling River and Menindee Lakes and kangaroo control remain three of the key issues for the Pastoralists Association of West Darling, as it held its annual general meeting in Broken Hill, NSW, on Friday.

PAWD president Lachlan Gall said drought had been the number one issue since the last AGM, with work still ongoing, albeit with one or two wins.

"There hasn't been any widespread effective rainfall across our patch since September 2016, and many pastoralists have very few, or in some cases, no livestock left," he said.

"It is fair to say all levels of government have required, and are still requiring guidance in responding to the drought situation.

"We have been particularly successful in getting a number of our drought recommendations adopted, especially the Emergency Water Infrastructure Rebate Scheme."

Kangaroo numbers was another hot topic, with Mr Gall saying in some cases the population had brought the onset of the drought forward by as much as six months.

PAWD has been lobbying the NSW government to reduce the minimum carcase weight for kangaroos from 15 kilograms to 13kg, and waive the $1.17 royalty tag fee to boost commercial harvests.

Mr Gall said this request had been rejected and called on the "legislated owners" of kangaroos, the Crown, to contribute to their control "in a more meaningful way".

Recently-appointed Agriculture and Western NSW Minister Adam Marshall attended and listened to the concerns of PAWD.

He also spoke about his work in putting together a new drought support package for when the existing scheme expires this financial year.

Mr Gall said the day allowed pastoralists the chance to gain important information while also offering them to opportunity to voice any concerns.

The day also included talks from Meat & Livestock Australia goat industry project manager Julie Petty about the future of the goat industry and Animal Innovation consultant Aidin Larke about handfeeding stock.

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