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All the information you need to know about Sheep Week 2019.

Not sure who's opening their doors as part of this year's Sheep Week?


We've broken it down for you - day by day with these maps to help plan your trip around from day one on June 17 to Day 11 on June 27.

Day One: Six studs are open for the first day of Sheep Week, June 17, which is based in the Central West of NSW. Merinos and Dohnes will be on display.

Day Two: Merinos and Australian Whites will be on show on day two, June 18, of Sheep Week as three studs and a Merino group open their gates.

Day Three: Four studs are opening their gates on June 19. Poll Merinos, Merinos, Gromark Genetics, Highlander, FocusPrime and Poll Dorset genetics will be on display.

Day Four: Two studs will open their gates on June 20. Merinos and White Suffolks will be on show.

Day Five: Two studs will open their doors on June 21 as part of day five of Sheep Week with Southdowns and Dohnes on display.

The event moves across the border into Victoria for one of the open studs on the fifth day of the event.

Day Six and Seven: Saturday and Sunday, June 22 and 23, are rest days with no studs open for public viewing.

Day Eight: The action kicks off again with the new week on Monday, June 24 with five studs opening their farm gates to the public. All five studs are in Victoria as Sheep Week heads south. Southdowns, Dohnes, Focus Prime and White Suffolk breeds will all be on display.

Day Nine: On Tuesday June 25, just one stud is open Curlew will be showcasing its Merinos at Charam, Victoria.

Day 10: Six studs are open for the penultimate day of Sheep Week 2019, June 26, which also sees the first South Australian stud open its gates. Dohne, Australian Whites, Merino, Romney and Poll Dorset will be on display.

Day 11: The final day of Sheep Week crosses South Australia and Victoria with seven studs open at four different sites. Australian Whites, White Suffolk, Poll Dorset, Suffolk, Dohne, Poll Merino and Texel will all be on display.


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