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Seifert Belmonts Reds to hold blockbuster July bull sale

Seifert Belmonts Reds to hold blockbuster July bull sale
Seifert Belmonts Reds to hold blockbuster July bull sale

Story sponsored by Seifert Belmonts Reds.

Seifert Belmont Reds are renowned for their sterling record on genetics and ability to supply large volumes of top-quality bulls to meet growing demand.

The progressive stud sells up to 120 bulls per year to several high profile corporate and small and large private producers across NSW and northern Australia.

For the next few weeks, they will be preparing for their first solo Seifert Belmont Red Sale, which will be held on property at 'Wonga' at 490 Jolimont Rd, Jandowae, Queensland on Monday July 22.

Owners Ian Stark and Jeanne Seifert have promised the sale is set to be a blockbuster, with some of the nation's finest genetics to go under the hammer with 75 bulls and five PTIC heifers on offer.

The draft will include 72 polled bulls, of which 34 are Homozygous Polls (PP). The bulls will be rising two-year-olds and given there are 75 to choose from, Ian and Jeanne are confident there will be a bull for every need and every budget.

Lot 1 is one of Jeanne's favourites. SEI180021 is genetically and phenotypically about as good as it gets with 17 of 18 traits above the fiftieth percentile including those that are traditionally antagonistic.

For example, he is above average in both muscling, carcase weight, retail beef yield as well as marbling and rib and rump fat.

Capture: Lot 1 - Lot 1 SEI180021
Capture: Lot 1 - Lot 1 SEI180021

"He is an AI son of "Seifert Tedstar SEI090377 (pictured), one of the highest accuracy and most influential sires in the breeds recent history," Jeanne explained.

"Tedstars progeny are now represented in many herds across the country and he is the sire of three and grandsire of twenty three bulls in the sale. In the case of his son SEI180021, the son is a better carcase bull than his sire being above the top tenth percentile for carcase weight and top twenty fifth percentile for retail beef yield," she went on.

"This is an example of what we love to do. For every joining we can look at the data and steer the future genetic breeding decisions to manipulate weak or strong traits.

"This young bulls' phenotype also matches his genotype in that he is a great type with a good top line, muscling and fat cover," Jeanne continued.

"To have the predicted genetics and the phenotype align is really the ultimate in breeding and confirms that the data we submit has integrity and accuracy."

However, this is only part of what Seifert Belmonts do. Their success in producing visually appealing high performing bulls is mostly thanks to Ian's eye for cattle.

"This has led us to an equal emphasis on phenotype to shape better looking Belmont Reds," Jeanne explained.

Capture: Seifert Tedstar SEI090377
Capture: Seifert Tedstar SEI090377

"We are the new generation of breeders who strive every year to develop the Belmont Red 'type' more in line with commercial cattlemen's expectations while at the same time accelerating genetic gain across all traits," she continued.

The added value of buying Seifert Belmont Reds is that they are genuinely run under tough commercial conditions born and bred in marginal ticky decomposed granite forest country with plenty of lantana. It should go without saying that the best bulls come from efficient cows. The Seifert Belmont Reds herd is exactly that.

"They are moderate framed, fall pregnant young and at low weights and rebreed whilst lactating to wean a calf every year, with no tick or fly treatment, happily walk long distances without panting, and graze and browse in +40c heat," Jeanne explained.

"They also grow and fatten quickly on grass or grain, are naturally docile despite being rarely handled, and are sound in feet and teats to breed well into their second decade," she continued.

"We expect the same of our bulls using them at 13mths-15mths old at a two per cent joining rate and down to less than one per cent when they are 'older' at two or three years old. Seifert Belmont Reds give more bang for your buck."

Jeanne says with constant pressure on our industry to reduce carbon emissions highly productive, naturally adapted, moderate framed, highly efficient cattle that produce more kg of beef per hectare with the lowest input costs is not only the most profitable business model but is also the most environmentally sustainable into the future.

The Helmsman auction sale will be run by Elders from 11am-1pm and online via Auctions Plus. Sale lots can be inspected via appointment on 20-21 July and on sale day from 7.30 am.

Complimentary morning tea and a BBQ lunch after the sale will be provided. They are also offering free cartage north to Charters Towers, west to Roma and south to Casino with some stops along these routes.

Wonga is zoned tick free so all cattle can go to clean country. All bulls are vaccinated with 5in1 and against tick fever, vibriosis and BEF. They are semen tested for morphology and motility and DNA tested for poll and horn genes and sire verification. Seifert Belmont Reds are JBAS 7 and WA eligible.

The sale list is currently on the webpage A supplementary sheet with semen test results, current weights and live carcase scan data will be available on sale day and the inspection days.

The catalogue will be available in the first week of July. To request one and for enquiries please contact Ian Stark 0439632113 or Jeanne Seifert on 0427 632 113 or

Story sponsored by Seifert Belmonts Reds.