West Wyalong brothers win Australian Machine of the Year

Henty Machinery Field Days: Grouper bin wins Australian Machine of the Year

Kaiden and Dallas Boyd's CRF SUPA Bin 42000 won Australian Machine of the Year at Henty.

Kaiden and Dallas Boyd's CRF SUPA Bin 42000 won Australian Machine of the Year at Henty.


Drought turns farmers into award-winning manufacturers.


Up until this year brothers Kaiden and Dallas Boyd were farmers, cropping wheat, barley and canola at their West Wyalong property.

But, the drought meant earlier this year they had to make the call to lease out the farm.

"It was a tough decision, ideally we wanted to farm but the seasons didn't go with us so that's the call we had to make," Kaiden said.

The brothers decided to start a manufacturing business instead, Clear Ridge Fabrication, and designed and made the grouper bin they had always thought of creating, CRF SUPA Bin 42000.

The bin won the Greater Hume Council's Australian Machine of the Year award at Henty for an Australian designed and manufactured machine.

"We used to use multiple trucks to get all our products up the paddocks for sowing and this bin achieves that in one application," Kaiden said.

"You've got four compartments so you can put in your seed, your fertilisers and have them all separated.

"But, at the same time with the conveyor underneath it, when the door's shut off it cleans itself and you get no cross contamination when switching from one to the next."

Kaiden said at this stage they are manufacturing the bins themselves in an on-farm workshop, each bin taking around a month to complete.

"We built and delivered our first two bins - a 42,000 litre model, 40 feet long and mounted on a skel trailer, and a 21,000 litre, single six metre bin mounted on a super dog - just before sowing this year," Kaiden said.

"We mount the bins on whatever trailer the customers require, they come with a chute option on the back, and can be painted in any colour."

Kaiden said their 40 foot model on a trailer is priced at $92,000 + GST and the 21,000 litre model $52,000 + GST.

He said they were next looking to create a tubulator.

"A lot of people are asking about tubulators, a conveying system out the back to elevate it up off the boxes to still achieve contamination free," Kaiden said.

"This is what we currently achieve underneath the bin but this would also get that to the final stages above the bin."


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