Tara Park Merinos to $12,500

Tara Park merinos reach $12,500

Damian Roach, Landmark Cooma, Michael Green, Boudjah, Cooma with his $12,500 purchase paraded by Guy Evans, Tara Park, Boorowa.

Damian Roach, Landmark Cooma, Michael Green, Boudjah, Cooma with his $12,500 purchase paraded by Guy Evans, Tara Park, Boorowa.


A near clearance saw Guy Evans sell 103 Merino rams at Boorowa for $2550 average.


The 31st annual on-property ram sale account Guy, Anna and Adrienne Evans, Tara Park Merinos, Boorowa realised a top price of $12,500 for the 103 of 105 sold which averaged $2550.97.

The top priced ram, a grandson of TP4339 was purchased by Michael Green, Boudjah, Cooma.

Mr Green has used Tara Park genetics in his stud for some time and is impressed with their performance.

"He has a beautiful sweet wool, soft and bright," he said.

"The Tara Park genetics are compatible with ours and we've seen them perform on Boudjah through all seasons.

"The strength of the Tara Park breeding can be seen in the ram, he has a strong head, is well balanced, is strong behind and has a good underline."

The ram has impressive figures - 17.6 micron, 2.8 standard deviation, 15.9 co-efficient of variation and 99.7 percent comfort factor.

With the recent purchase of the top priced ram from Yarrawonga going to Cottage Park, Cooma Mr Green made the comment the two leading show rams at the recent South West Slopes Stud Merinos show at Harden are heading for the Monaro.

Second top price at $7000 was paid by T and G.A Simpson, Winjallor, Victoria for a ram bearing a fleece measuring 18.8 micron, 3 S.D., 16 C.V. and 99.7 percent CF.

They bought a second ram for $5000.

Chiming in at $6000 was the purchase of son of 104 made by Hollow Mount Pastoral Co, Bigga.

Their purchase carried a fleece which measured 17.9 micron, 2.6 S.D., 14.5 C.V and 99.6 percent CF.

Other good sales included one at $5750 bought by Roberts Wool, Launceston, Tasmania: one at $4,750 bought by Demondrille Partnership, Harden and one at $4500 purchased by D and J Rentsch, Hamilton, Victoria who selected a draft three rams for average price $3750.

Individual buyers at $4000 included Roberts Wool, Tas, Steve Tozer, Berridale and S and N Rentsch, Hamilton.

Volume buyers included Dernveagh Pastoral Co, Harden who added to the sire list with eight rams at $2500 each; Hanworth Station, Taralga who bought 13 rams for average price $1480 and Clearview Partnership, Boorowa who took five rams home for average price $2550.

Other Boorowa district woolgrowers who made multiple purchases included the seven rams for average $2678 made by J.R and C.L Gay, Reids Flat; D.J and K.F McGrath who added four rams at $1812 apeice and Bruce and Narelle Nixon who also added four rams to their Tara Park-blood flock at $2937 average which included two at $4000.

The Nixons were successful this year in winning the Boorowa District Maiden Merino ewe competition before going on to take the award in the Southern Tablelands Maiden Merino Ewe Competition.

Further sales of note included four at $3062 including one at $4500 by Perabo Brothers, Boorowa and seven at $3000 average including one at $4500 and one at $4250 by C.W and A.M Wardlaw, Avoca, Victoria.

Studmaster Guy Evans was very pleased with the appreciation of his genetic direction which was reflected in the many return clients but also the number of new buyers.

"People continue to be positive and that was reflected in today's prices," he said.

"I'm pleased to be able to satisfy the demand for heavy cutting rams with soft and long stapled fleeces."

The sale was held by Elders and Landmark, with Rick Power, Landmark wielding the gavel.


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