Why Simmy bull was passed in at $47,500

Mt Ararat Pioneer passed in at $47,500 during Simmental National sale


The young sire had a $50,000 reserve.

Mt Ararat Pioneer weighed 1060 kilograms at 24 months of age.

Mt Ararat Pioneer weighed 1060 kilograms at 24 months of age.

NEGOTIATIONS are still ongoing for bred-in-the-purple sire Mt Ararat Pioneer, which had been passed in at $47,500 during the 2020 The Land Simmental National Sale last week.

Breeder John Leek, Mt Ararat stud, Nar Nar Goon, Victoria, said Pioneer had such a magnificent background he was worth every cent of the $50,000 price he was wanting as reserve.

"He weighed 1060 kilograms at 24 months and has incredible parentage," Mr Leek said.

"Pioneer is sired by Glen Anthony Y-arta AY02, a bull with the best Simmental figures of any bull in Australia while his mother, Woonallee Kathie B111 by BHR Doorn, is the most famous producing Simmental in Australia.

"He is a magnificent bull that structurally can't be faulted. A full-brother to Woonallee Los Angeles (the $160,000 Australasian record holder) and Woonallee Las Vegas, and last year's Dubbo National sale-topper, the $40,000 Mt Ararat Phoenix, the reserve junior champion of the event at 12 months of age selling back to Woonallee stud."

Mr Leek said he knew the money was close at auction, but said the bull was worth the high figure.

"Thirty straws made $210 a straw in the genetics sale section, so he's obviously popular," he said.

"He's a real traditional coloured bull, red with really good markings.

"His recipient mother died when he was just eight weeks of age and we hand reared him up to eight months of age with three bottles a day. He is a part of the family."

Mr Leek said Pioneer had 10 calves on the ground after being joined to 10 cows at 14 months.


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