The COVID numbers roller coaster is real

The Informer: The COVID numbers rollercoaster is real

This might be a fun roller coaster. The COVID numbers roller coaster is not.

This might be a fun roller coaster. The COVID numbers roller coaster is not.


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There's a sense of deja vu about all of this. Numbers up, numbers down, stay home, don't panic buy, get tested ...

You've heard it all before, right? Then again, it could be me, but I haven't heard the "download the app" refrain as often as previously. Uh-oh, now I've jinxed it.

Today was "a numbers down" kind of day in Victoria, but let's not get complacent about that. There were 471 new coronavirus cases today and eight deaths.

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, in another mammoth press conference, was hit with a wall of questions about the government's disastrous hotel quarantine scheme.

"Mistakes have been made and I will own those errors," the Premier said. "In terms of who made those decisions, how decisions were made, how they worked, whether enough safeguards were put in place is for Judge Coates to examine."

Judge Coates will head the much-anticipated inquiry into the failures of Victoria's hotel quarantine system. It has been postponed until August 17 due to Melbourne's lockdown restrictions.

And with new details emerging about continued cases in aged-care facilities, you could be forgiven for thinking another inquiry may well be launched, too.

The Epping Gardens Aged Care outbreak (169 cases) is now bigger than the one at St Basil's Homes for the Aged (160). Two other facilities also have recorded cases into triple figures.

Other figures to continue to head northwards are the national jobless stats. The PM revealed the expected impact of Victoria's state of disaster today and it wasn't pretty.

"Today's news about the economic impact is devastating but I can tell you in terms of Australia even with these hits we are doing better than many and most," Mr Morrison said, specifically noting the downturn in Spain, France, the UK and Sweden.

Well, there's a crumb of comfort if you needed one.

There was little comfort in NSW, particularly Newcastle, as alert bells started ringing long and loud today. A particularly sociable man who is a close contact of a Newcastle teenager whose diagnosis shut down his high school has many venues entering deep-cleaning mode.

NSW recorded 12 new cases today, all from local sources, but those health alerts are worrying authorities. And they're not alone - it's a global phenomenon.

In France the daily infection count reached the highest in more than two months on Wednesday while Greece has warned of new restrictions if a worrying rise in daily cases doesn't abate.

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