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This oil is gold for Aussie producers

PURPOSE BUILT: After exhaustive study and planning, FUCHS opened its new 25,000sq m plant in Beresfield in 2018.

Story sponsored by Fuchs Lubricant.

GREAT people manufacturing locally in Australia and developing proven products - that's how some of the biggest names in agriculture regard FUCHS Lubricants.

Even since the German-founded FUCHS entered the Australian market last century, its uncompromising commitment to quality and listening to their customers is central to FUCHS's approach to business.

The history of Fuchs Lubricants (Australasia) Pty Ltd can be traced back before 1900 and more recently has benefited from the leadership stability that comes with having a long-established family business as a parent company.

It's also what underpins strong relationships FUCHS holds with customers such as Select Harvest with its string of almond orchards in three states and Victorian carrot growers Rocky Lamattina & Sons Pty Ltd.

"Our relationship started with FUCHS when we got in touch with them about sponsoring our top fuel dragster," Phillip Lamattina said. "Before we took it on we trialled their lubricants in one of our trucks for a few months and found we weren't doing any top-ups between services and really the product endorsed itself.

"From those humble beginnings about 15 years ago we're now using their products right across the board in our business.

"We would be using FUCHS lubricants in hundreds of units from tractors and trucks to centre pivot irrigators and I would not hesitate to recommend these products.

GOOD OIL: FUCHS lubricants are used throughout the agricultural sector.

"We use their lubricants and their greases - we swear by their greases. These products are not the cheapest but in the end they work out to be the most cost effective because the product does the job and protects the machinery."

Select Harvest operations manager Mick Puleio is an unabashed fan, saying the FUCHS lubricants are widely used in their fleet of tractors, utility vehicles and specialised almond harvesting equipment.

"The quality of their product and their service is second-to-none and the reliability of the brand is first class," Mr Puleio said.

"FUCHS is very price competitive, too, and they stand behind their product.

"In my time at Select we've never had a warranty problem against the oil but I know they back their product and their customer relationships are very important.

"We'd be putting FUCHS lubricants in 800 machines and 80 percent of them would be running at the same time for anything up to four months at a time and we can do this because the product is reliable."

"We have been operating in Australia for many, many years and we're not going anywhere," Channel Marketing Manager Anthony Ficarra said.

STORAGE: The new Beresfield plant provides various business functions.

"We are dedicated to the Australian market and especially our customers in the agricultural sector.

"One hundred percent of our business is lubricants - we are the lubricant people and we manufacture 95% of our products here in Australia.

"Think of us as Australian made, with German technology."

In February of 2018, company chairman Stefan Fuchs opened the door to a purpose-built plant in Beresfield, NSW.

Built at a cost of $35 million, the 25,000sq m facility accommodates a range of business functions including lubricant manufacturing, storage of bulk raw material, warehousing, a laboratory and sales and customer service departments.

"Australia is an important market for FUCHS and this is why we have invested in the new plant at Beresfield," Mr Fuchs said.

A second, more recent, example of FUCHS' Australian connection is its acquisition of Nulon Products Australia, a move company executives say will create opportunities for both brands.

FUCHS managing director Wayne Hoiles said many of their competitors were moving overseas and operating under an import model but it wasn't the FUCHS strategy.

"We need local infrastructure able to handle the requirements of Australia and NZ, so we are investing in infrastructure to provide a better service," Mr Hoiles said.

FUCHS is the only major lubricants company manufacturing lubricants, grease, coolants and additives in Australia and besides serving customers it also means jobs for Australians, he said.

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Story sponsored by Fuchs Lubricant.