Eclipse Poll Herefords win supreme at Glen Innes

Glen Innes Show attracts quality turnout


An army of volunteers helped bring back the Glen Innes show over the weekend.


It takes an army of keen volunteers to get an agricultural show off the ground these days, which explains the weekend's success at Glen Innes where more than 100 good Samaritans turned out in force to make sure things ran smoothly.

Lions Club members sat at the gates for eight hours shifts while more than 50 individuals were on the roster in the canteen.

The Land couldn't get to all the events but did manage to take a peak at stud cattle and British bred meat sheep competitions.

Stud cattle results


Junior champion bull - Little Valley Mitchell, 16 months, by Neiman Eli 407, Little Valley Braford Stud, Casino.

Senior Braford bull and supreme champion bull of the show - Little Valley Magician, 24 months, by Varykino Jimmy.

Junior heifer - Little Valley Dahlia-Ann, 18 months, by Carinya Oakley.

Senior and grand champion Braford female - Little Valley Miss Majestic, 23 months, by Little Valley Larry.


Junior bull - Scots PGC Quantity, 16 months, by Texas Global G563, Scots College, Warwick.

Junior heifer - Dartbrook Park Pentire Dandaloo, 17 months, by Pentire Cowboy, Dartbrook Park, Scone.


Junior bull - Staben Sir William, 19 months, by Staben Sir Bonny Manso, Staben Brahman Stud, Casino.

Senior bull - Mogul Judicial, 27 months, by Kenrol Gordian Manso, Mogul Brahman Stud, Casino.

Junior heifer - Staben Crystal Gem, 16 months, by ELJA Sambo Manso.

Senior cow - Mogul Miss LBH Lindelo, 26 months, by Willtony Stetson.

Grand Brahman champion - Staben Crystal Gem.


Junior and grand champion heifer - Heitiki Penny, 15 months, by Heitiki G74, Heitiki Droughtmaster stud, Delungra.

Senior cow - Heitiki Olivia, 29 months, by Heitiki G29.


Junior champion - Winchester Quist Q8E, 16 months, by Venturon Maximum Impact, Laura Lockhart, Delungra.

Red Angus:

Junior and grand champion bull - Mellowood 3A Red Qantas, 15 months, by Red Brylor Kodiak 3A, Mellowood Red Angus stud, Tamworth.

Senior bull - Mellowood 3A Mr Q, 22 months, by Red Brylor Kodiak 3A.

Junior and grand champion heifer - Mellowood 1B Queen Rose, 15 months, by Red Double B Bullseye 1B.


Junior bull - Te-Angie Q064, 19 months, by Limehills Starter NZ IMP.

Senior and grand champion bull - Neridah Pure Direction P001, 24 months, by Neridah New Direction N011, Neridah Hereford stud, Glen Innes.

Junior heifer - Amos Vale PR Royal 319, 17 months, by Leeway Maximise M8, Amos Vale Hereford stud, Glen Innes.

Senior, grand and supreme exhibit of the show - Kanimbla Renee P098, 30 months, Eclipse Hereford Stud, Quirindi.


Junior bull - Triple Three Quick Trigger, 16 months, by KGL Polled Ferrari, Triple Three Limousin stud, Delungra.

Junior heifer - Clifton Quincy Q17, 19 months, by Greenwood PLD Zambuka, Clifton Cattle Co, Loomberah.


Junior heifer - BAL Royal Timing, 10 months, by BAL Midnight, Briony Looker, Armidale.

Red Poll:

Junior bull - Red Rush Prince Louis, 15 months, by Ketlang Monarch, Red Rush Red Poll stud, Armidale.

Senior cow - Wilanstie Albury, 32 months, by Eurimbla Ace, Red Rush stud.


Junior bull - Southcote Roy R1, 11 months, by Southcote Precision P44, Southcote Shorthorn stud, Walcha.

Junior heifer and grand champion Shorthorn - Maddison Park Firestormleah, 18 months, by Hill Haven Fire Storm, Neil Hellyar, Lismore.

Senior cow - Southcote Nonpareil P31, 30 months, by Yamburgan Zeus H140.

Speckle Park:

Champion Speckle Park heifer - Winter Ruby Soraya, 8 months, by Winter Patriot P16.


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