Long-term Northern Tablelands TSR permits up for grabs

Northern Tablelands LLS offer up long-term travelling stock reserve access permits

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The permits are currently available.


PRODUCERS in the state's Northern Tablelands are being encouraged to apply for long-term travelling stock reserve (TSR) access.

The access would come via a management agreement permit, which is designed to provide them with certainty of access for years to come.

Under measures introduced in 2020 by Local Land Services, management agreement permits are now standardised, making the process of assessing applications more robust.

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Northern Tablelands Local Land Services TSR team member Helen Ward said long-term TSR access was a win-win situation.

"Everybody benefits from a viable, well-maintained and connected TSR network, and these permits help deliver that," Ms Ward said.

"The permits will give confidence to livestock producers to make long-term business decisions and allow them to also play a key role in securing the future productivity of our local TSRs."

A number of carefully assessed TSRs in the region will be available for management agreement permits, most TSRs remain available by application for short-term access permits such as walking stock.

The call for applicants on the Northern Tablelands comes after Western Local Land Services called for applicants last week.

Ms Ward said successful applicants are selected using comprehensive criteria, which ensures the region's TSR network is looked after properly.

"TSRs have a storied history in NSW and they are not only important for agricultural productivity, but they also play a crucial role in supporting threatened species and habitats," she said.

"Whether it's proposed grazing practices, experience, or how pests and weeds will be managed, we need to make sure applicants can effectively manage a TSR, so our industries, and the communities they support, can prosper."

For more information visit: www.lls.nsw.gov.au

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