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Solution to methane reduction with improved performance and quality

Solution to methane reduction with improved performance and quality

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In Australia, direct livestock emissions account for 70 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions by the agricultural sector and 11 per cent of total national greenhouse gas emissions.

Genesis Algae Innovation has recently launched a natural algae-based stock feed supplement called AlgaeFeed.

While this product has a number of amazing animal health and nutritional benefits, it has recently been assessed by the University of Queensland to reduce cow methane emissions directly by 20 per cent, varying as a percentage of the AlgaeFeed dietary amount.

Furthermore, due to the innovative, patented growth technology, Genesis is able to produce this product at an extremely affordable price, in fact it is recognised as the only commercially viable and readily available methane reduction product available on the market today!!

The AlgaeFeed product has also been demonstrated to:

  • Increase weight gain (improved food conversion ratio).
  • Increase the overall animal health and reproductive performance
  • Dramatically improve the meat quality due to the abundance of omega oils in the algae
  • Provide dependable year-round supply, not affected by drought
  • Reduce the overall cost of feed to the farmer

We are very pleased with the low cost yet reliable results from using genesis AlgaeFeed on our whole herd and would not change it.

- Our farmers
Solution to methane reduction with improved performance and quality

The AlgaeFeed product is ideal for feedlots, high yielding sown grass pastures as well as for rangeland grazing which makes it truly unique among methane reduction solutions.

Based in North Queensland, Genesis can currently produce over 1,000,000 litres of AlgaeFeed per day and is ready to supply this growing market.

Furthermore, one hectare of algae growth ponds consumes similar CO2 from the environment as 360 hectares of rainforest. This means that Genesis products not only help the environment by reducing methane emissions but also play a major role in removing carbon from the atmosphere.

Colin McGregor the Managing Director of Genesis Algae Innovation says: " These results have confirmed that AlgaeFeed is a genuine livestock and environmental solution, helping fight climate change while lifting the output and quality of our agricultural products.

"We are able to offer this unique Australian product easily and affordably to farmers with the confidence that is both financially and environmentally impactful".

Australia's livestock industry is the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions after the energy and transport sectors. Livestock are the dominant source of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), accounting for 56 per cent and 73 per cent, respectively, of Australia's emissions.

Solution to methane reduction with improved performance and quality

Ruminant animals such as cattle and sheep are the principal source of livestock methane emissions because they produce the most methane per unit of feed consumed.

About Genesis Agricultural Innovation

Genesis Algae Innovation is the agricultural and environmental services arm of BioGenesis, Australia's largest commercial algae producer. An innovative Australian company exporting products to global customers from our farm in the great Barrier reef region of Queensland, Australia.

Genesis Algae Innovation uses natural algae to produce exceptional quality stockfeed supplements and bio fertilisers that are fighting climate change while optimising Australia's stock and soil health.

Our innovative technology for the high-volume production of algae that uses no pesticides, herbicides or trade waste provides farmers with a never seen before non-chemical feed and fertiliser combination.

Producing the highest quality natural organic stock feed and Bio-fertilisers that reduces the cost to the famer and produces a much better result, that is good for the planet is truly a Generational Agricultural Innovation. AND for our human nutrition range.


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