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The TurboTopper is just tops

BROADACRE BEAUTY: The TurboTopper is ideal to mulch stubbles, top pastures and general residue management for broadacre farmers.

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There is no doubt that a passion for farming runs in the Larsen family's veins.

And it seems the passion has grown even more for Roly and Kurtis Larsen, who are paving their own way in the farming machinery business.

The duo have created their own company AusCut, and recently launched their new machine, the TurboTopper.

This efficient, impressive slashing machine, which is used to mulch stubbles, top pastures and general residue management, has been designed by the Larsens and built in Cowra NSW, and released in February this year. And it is a game-changer.

Roly and Kurtis started AusCut to build turf mowers and slashers, but they noticed there was a huge need for a more efficient slasher for broadacre farmers.

"There were only a handful of Australian-made larger slashers on the market," Roly said.

There were a number of features they wanted to bring to the new heavy-duty machine to make farmers' lives a little bit easier. One of these features was a narrower depth of deck."

HANDY: The Australian-designed and built TurboTopper is the only slasher on the market which is forward folding with front-mounted wheels.

"This means more even trash flow and less residue build-up. The narrower deck also means there is less bounce, which makes it more comfortable in the tractor at faster speeds."

The TurboTopper also requires less horsepower and fuel, as well as utilising smaller rotors, which reduce pressure and vibration on gearboxes. The smaller rotors, along with the uplift blades, allow for a finer cut and maximum lift of residue.

"The blades are counter-rotating, so they are able to pick up wheel tracks effectively," Roly said. "There is also less downdraft, so you can get a clean cut."

The TurboTopper is the only slasher on the market which is forward folding with front-mounted wheels to allow for a narrower yet stable machine during transport and operation.

It also has individually floating decks with heavy-duty front-mounted wheels for excellent ground following and minimum scalping.

It is a time-saver for farmers, with simple adjustments on wheels, wings and tilt allowing for less downtime.

AusCut offers a number of options on the TurboTopper, including a mulching kit as well as rear wheels on the back of the machine. "It's extra support for the machine," he said.

In the future they will offer an option to mount fan kits.

The TurboTopper is Australian designed and made, with Italian gearboxes.

The ability to understand what farmers need comes naturally to Roly and Kurtis, whose grandfather Richard Larsen began K-Line Ag. Their father James and uncles Bill and David all worked for the company, and passed decades of experience onto the next generation.

This is branded content for AusCut.