Wodonga feeder steers to $2770

Feedlotters dominate Wodonga bidding

Kim Ellis and Tabby Cross at Northern Victoria Livestock Exchange on Thursday, where weaner steers made up to $2200. Photo Tim Keys NVLX

Kim Ellis and Tabby Cross at Northern Victoria Livestock Exchange on Thursday, where weaner steers made up to $2200. Photo Tim Keys NVLX


Feeder weight store cattle ready to work demand top money at Wodonga.


Angus cross feeder steers, 487 kilograms, sold to $2770 at Wodonga on Thursday, while Angus cows with calves made $4000 as another week of rain made restockers whoop for joy.

Heavier yearling cattle were certainly in demand with the increasing likelihood of cheap feed in the wake of this harvest but agents were most impressed by the restocker bids for weaner cattle going on grass.

The top heavy steers were produced by MM and GL Hobden and marketed through Rodwells who also sold the top cow and calf for M and KM McMahon.

Autumn drop Angus weaners from Joy Ried and Son, Tallangatta Valley, 383kg at 8-9 months fetched $2430 heading north onto grass.

"The season is keeping everything right, said agent Michael Unthank who described bidding on Thursday as something of a "frenzy".

"No one know what the cattle job will do but if prices stay the same these buyers on weight alone could turn over 20pc on their money ."

Cows with calves sold by Rodwell, grass fed Angus fourth calvers with calves by Speckle Park, but not re-joined, which made $3500 for A. Colquhoun.

Cows were in short supply but heifers were in number, making to a top of $2340 for 453kg through Corocoran Parker, who also sold Charolais cross heifers, 401kg, for $2210 produced by Stephen Morris, Beechworth, Vic.

Mr Morris also sold steers of the same cross for $2690 at 507kg.

GJ and JG Friday, Mansfield, Vic, sold grass fed Angus/Angus, 479kg at 16-17 months for $2685.

Sparcorp, also from Mansfield, sold similar 340kg for $2440 which works out at 717/kg which used to be ultra weaner weight price when the restocker market kicked last Autumn.

Grass fed Hereford steers from nearby Mt Skene Pastoral, through Rodwell, made $2240 for 390kg while Hereford steers with Yavenvale blood, 327kg, made $2320 for R and F Zavner Pty Ltd, going to Wangaratta.

Hereford heifers 393kg produced by CADC Investments of Tallangatta made $2200 through Brian Unthank Rural at Albury, who also sold Angus heifers for Harkness and Row, Koetong, 364kg for $2050.

Stags went to $1900 for 355kg, dairy steers to $1440 for 310kg.

The sale was conducted at the Northern Victoria Livestock Exchange with agencies Brian Unthank Rural, Rodwells, Corcoran Parker and Shubert Boers in attendance.

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