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James Milner, Rosedale Livestock, Blayney
The Beef Spectacular Trial is a well organised, “entrant friendly” event that we enjoy being a part of. Not only do we obtain terrific feedback on the performance of our own cattle, we find the whole experience to be interesting, educative and very relevant from a producers point of view. The social aspect of the event is also enjoyable and a great way to catch up with other members of the Beef Industry.

Trent, Ross & Janelle Johnstone,
Trojon & Ronelle Park Shorthorns, Lyndhurst
We the Johnstone family of Ronelle park and Trojon shorthorns have been entering the feedlot trial since it first started.

We have entered around 15 teams over those years. We find it as a great way to compare ourselves against other producers in a very fair and even way of doing so. The information we receive on each individual animal has proven very valuable to our business.

Being seedstock producers it also give us an advantage on how any new genetics we are using perform under feedlot conditions, before our bull selling season or the females go into production.

The time and effort that is put into the trail by those who run it is 2nd to none. We will be entering again in 2015 and urge other cattle producers to do the same.

Sophie, Tom & Thomas Holt, Coonong Station, Urana
The whole process from on farm selection to the final comprehensive report on individual animals provides us with invaluable information. We have found that the information gained from the Trial on the performance of specific animals and bloodlines provides us with another relevant and valuable management tool for our use in herd.

Andy Watson
Gillian Fahle, Murra Angus, Walwa, Vic
AFTER their steers were too heavy for last year's competition, Victorian Angus breeders Gillian Fahle and John Toohey, Murra Angus, Walwa, made a return to this year's Feedback Trial.

"We were so pleased with the feedback we got from the trial we wanted to do it again," Ms Fahle said.

After their first competition two years ago, Ms Fahle said they had learnt a lot.

"It's been an excellent classroom," she said.

"We realised that we had to meet the specifications the feedlot was targeting and get more consistent – not just with the five steers that we entered in the trial, but across all our steers.

"The competition is terrifically run, and from a producer's point of view, it allows us to see the point of view of the feedlots and what they require.
"It's a pretty good benchmarking tool, and allows you to see the difference both within breeds and against other breeds."

This year's team of Murra Angus steers took out second place in the carcase section of the competition.

Andy Watson
Lex Crosby, "Cheery Tree Hill", Forbes'
FIRST-time entrant in the Feedback Trial Lex Crosby,"Cherry Tree Hill", Forbes, said the trial had been a great way to benchmark their cattle.

"You've got elite cattle from the three eastern States in the trial, so it's a great opportunity to benchmark where you are in the industry," Mr Crosby said.

"The feedback that we got was fantastic, all the way through from induction at the feedlot to the carcase."

Mr Crosby said it had been a little while since they'd benchmarked their cattle in such a way.

"We've done a few feedlot trials in the past but hadn't been in one for about seven years," Mr Crosby said.

"If you take cattle to a show, they've all been on different feeding regimes and at the end of the day it's only one person's opinion.

"With a trial like this, the cattle are all on the same feed and in the same conditions, so they're all on an even keel."

The event was also a great way to catch up with other like-minded people in the industry, according to Mr Crosby.

After placing seventh overall this year, a result Mr Crosby was very pleased with, he said they were hoping to enter again next year.

"We'll certainly look to go in the trial again next year," he said.

"I'd thoroughly recommend the competition to all cattle producers."

Andy Watson
Hugh & Sue Webb, Colqhuon Webb Partnership, Oberon
It was a great experience to see how our cattle performed during the trial & the exceptional trail results information provided has certainly given us alot to review & consider. We are finding that team 125 even though one beast died their results were extremely good coming infront of many teams that had 5 beasts!!

Not only has the experience of seeing the cattle & seeing how they perform, but the opportunity to meet others in our industry & often the top producers has been fantastic. We really enjoyed the opportunity to meet these + all the sponsors to create valuable contacts.

I believe that if this event continues we will be certain starters.

Matt Gordon, Bungeeltap Pty Ltd, Redesdale, Victoria
The organisation, co operation and commitment required in undertaking this event is quite evident.

The desire, interest, and participation of so many different parties in this event, and the combination of this collective to achieve a worthwhile competition for competitors is amazing and is reflective of the passion that this group of people have for the industry.

The effort, insight, and commercial reality of the trial, in combination with the data collected and the delivery of this data back to the producer, in my estimation, makes it a mandatory event to attend for any serious commercial producer, with absolutely nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

We were joking on the table at the dinner that entering the trial was not hard – It turned out that for the entrants that I spoke to it was their best sale all season, the dollars per head was not bettered, there was no commission, transport or yard dues.

Congratulations, you have created a benchmark for the industry here, and I can only hope that it continues to grow as it deserves. What a tremendous credit to you all.

Andy Watson
Andy Watson, Billabong Beef Company, Holbrook
Being a commercial producer the information we receive from the Feedback trial is 2nd to none and is a great way to analyse our own cattle both as individuals and as a team, while comparing where they fit within the industry.

We use the feedback Trial data in various ways, but it has been a great help in bull selection. We can identify carcase and feedlot performance traits, identified by the trial and target them through our bull selection. I would pay the trial entry fee alone every year to gain the feedback we get from this trial.

Jon Wright
Jon Wright, Coota Park Blue-E, Woodstock
The Beef Spectacular feedback trial allows me to test and compare our animals to other producers in the industry.

As a seed stock producer it enables us to test our genetics in a true commercial form, to other producers in the industry, which is invaluable.

The trial is run independently, providing data which is analysed and formulated by Independent people. An Incredible results booklet is produced containing feedback, data and statistics on individual and pens of steers.

The trial is an incredible useful promotional tool, providing you with a cost effective way of showing not only your purebred but also composite and crossbred cattle.

Lester Job
Lester Job, Moombi, Cumnock
The Beef Spectacular feedback trial provides extensive feedback on individual animals and your team of five steers.

John and Liz Manchee
John and Liz Manchee, Manchee Agriculture, Narrabri
Manchee Agriculture have been involved with the NSW Beef Spectacular Carcase competition since it's inception, we have found it to be very professional, well organized and industry relevant. Meat eating quality and performance based payment are the way of the future, that's our focus and this competition helps us achieve this.

Andrew and Anne Hicks
Andrew & Anne Hicks, Hicks Beef, Holbrook
Beef cattle breeding is one of those vocations that is hard to get a value on what you are doing. A race horse breeder or dairy cow producer soon finds out if they have got it right. In the beef industry we are surrounded with different things that complicate the picture.

We found the Beef Spectacular Feedlot Trial one of the few ways to get a little closer to the facts. The teams of steers are put together, fed the same and then the results are analysed with the wisdom of the department people.

It is not the whole picture – you need fertility of females and production per hectare, but participating in these trials presents one of the great learning opportunities of the industry.

Gerard Ryan
Gerard Ryan, Brian Unthank Rodwell, Albury
This was an excellent trial. The focus was all about performance, and the results showed how to move forward with top genetics. So the message was very clear, better selection for carcase genetics equals more profitable outcome. The challenge is to get the profit shared with the breeder.

The trial was well run and recorded and I commend the organisers.



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